Despicable People

1. The New Orleans Saints

2. Republicans

3. Parents who have their first kids after their thirty-fifth birthday, and think their dipshit spawn has messianic properties, manifestations of which must be shared with every utterance.

4. Hillary Clinton supporters / Donald Trump Supporters. Two sides of the same fucktard coin. 

5. Bankers, CEOs, and financial industry pimps.

6. Unironic Rapture Porn Fetishists

7. Libertarians. Choose a side or get the hell off the field, you passive/aggressive fuck. 

8. Lars from Metallica

9. People who vape. Seriously, if you don't have the testicular heft to quit cold turkey, go smoke a cigarette, die, and get your useless DNA out of the gene pool. Nobody gives a fuck that you can blow elaborate smoke rings with an enchanting vanilla scent.  

10. Those who "love Bob Dylan's songs, but just can't take his voice".


Fuck all of you. 



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