Hillary's 2nd Post-Election Book to Blame the Slow Sales of the First One on Bernie, Russians 

Simon and Schuster announced today that the end of the year will see a sequel to Hillary Clinton's "What Happened?", her memoir of the 2016 Presidential election. "What Happened?" rocketed to the top of the sales charts, but dropped quickly, and performed far below expectations. 

The sequel will emphasize the blame for the first book's lackluster sales.


ubermullet has obtained a passage from the new book, tentatively titled "What Fucking Happened NOW?": 


"...and in retrospect, I wholly, totally, and unconditionally accept responsibility for lower-than-expected sales of 'What Happened?'. 

But only because Bernie was mean to me and the Russians sent the thought police to spread discord and confuse all the liberals who should love me. Me, not him. Me."  


The book is expected to be released in time for the Christmas season.   


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