Random Shit from the Trump Era

Pretty sure the founding fathers, were they alive today, would drag Mitch McConnell down the steps of the Capitol and beat him to a bloody pulp.


June 22, 2018




Who can be trusted, according to President Trump:

Kim Jong-Un
Vladimir Putin
Rodrigo Duterte
Recep Tayyip Erdogan

People who can't be trusted, according to President Trump.

John McCain
Our closest North American and European Allies.
The FBI and American intelligence community. 
A free and unrestricted free press. 
Survivors of school shootings - June 13, 2018




An open note to Michael Bennett, who posted this meme.


My mom is a cancer survivor. Twice. I lost my grandfather, an aunt, two cousins, and half-a-dozen friends to concer.


I'm also a Democrat.


But don't worry about that. Seriously. I know you're not promoting the idea that I would so despise another human being i would disdain them for doing something to eradicate a disease that has taken friends and family long before their time.


I have no problems with even the most tasteless humor. I don't get offended. Hell, since you probably love to rail against "politically correct" restraints you see in our society, you can take comfort in the fact that I am, now and forever, one of the more politically incorrect people you will find.


The problem with this joke, why it strives for gut laugh and achieves only slight chortle, is that the secondary subject of said meme, President Donald J. Trump, has, for all his billions of dollars, never shown even a minuscule inclination to do anything to alleviate the suffering of his fellow human beings, engender societal progress, or in any way lighten the load for others, even though he had the wherewithal to do so.


Never made an effort to do anything but feed his own wallet, ego, and lust for control.


Curing cancer is far down the list of this guy's priorities. In fact, curing it is less important than the possibility of selling his name to brand the treatment.


Your "joke" here is similar to the one Jesse Jackson used to tell, that if he could walk on water, all the Republicans would take from that would be "Jesse can't swim".


The difference being, Jackson didn't trivialize a disease that has cost millions their lives, taken children from their parents and loved ones too soon, and had a sad impact on virtually every family in our country, by making it the fulcrum of a tepid joke.


So, while I can see the humor in your little meme, the kind of humor that made some people think "Hee Haw" and Sinbad and "My Mother the Car" were funny, I also think it shows you to be the kind of self-obsessed rube who supports a man like our current President. Admires a man who has taken the respect earned as a fellow human being, and destroyed it with tenacity. Idolizes a man who has neither the knowledge or the desire to cure cancer.


But wouldn't hesitate to take credit for it, or exploit it to turn a dime into eleven cents.


A lying, disrespectful, willfully-ignorant, racist, misogynist, homophobic, avaricious fascist.


Everything the Jesus you *claim* to follow taught against.


And let's not forget, with your constant spreading of false information and blatant lies through the memes you find so rib-tickling, you're cracking into pieces the ninth commandment. Eighth if you're orthodox.


It's people like you who illuminate Christianity for the bullying hustle it has become.


You, sir, are Westboro Baptist material.


Right down to the rapier wit.


There. Wasn't that funny? Laugh it up, Chuckles.


May  2, 2018



So the President kicks the legs out from under the stock market, potentially destabilizing the world economy, after suggesting due process was merely a suggestion, if one owns a gun, and signing a tax initiative that will blow an unprecedented hole through the debt ceiling and widen the deficit.


This is what conservativism becomes, despite all the intellectual gymnastics about "small government" and "fiscal responsibility".


No surprise to anyone paying attention instead  of Seig Heiling under the shade of a greasy MAGA hat, but maybe it's time for you conservatives to drop the pseudo-egghead rationalization , and admit that you support this jackass not because you're concerned about such weighty matters, but scared Jose the lawn guy might think he's your equal and try to marry your daughter.


Or your son.


Scared and stupid is not what the founding fathers intended.


March 2, 2018


An Open Letter to Wayne LaPierre, the Head of the National Rifle Association, on the Occasion of his Address to the Conservative Political Action Conference:

Dear Mr. LaPierre,

Suck my dick.

Brent Sanders 


February 22, 2018


How about some of you sanctimonious, hard-right, Christian, NRA fucks give up your fucking guns for Lent instead going a month without ice cream and offering your bullshit prayers? 

February 14, the day of the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School shooting

The fact that the stock market is taking a record plunge, based partly on corporate and investor fears of "wage increases" (not actual increases, but the "fear" of it) says everything there is to know about capitalism.


February 6, 2018

Conservative Christians are "disciples of Christ" like Kenny G listeners are "into jazz".


November 15, 2018







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