Autumn 2017

Pretty amazing how all the rubes screaming about getting rid of "political correctness" now want to embrace the concept of disrespect as a consideration in public discourse.


Respect, or disrespect, is subjective. Frankly, I thought sitting during the National Anthem was disrespectful, too. But I also recognize we live in a country in which freedom, of speech or religion or to own a firearm or sit during a song as a form of peaceful protest, is a bedrock of the Constitution that has defined us as a country of exceptionalism.


But what is far more insidious is a Chief Executive who seeks to marginalize anyone for exercising those principles, to the point of trying to pressure their employers to force them to stand and tacitly endorse a political idea with which they disagree, rather than try and understand the underlying cause of their discontent.


And, for all of those who think systemic racism is a myth, notice that the white owners, who have allowed and even encouraged their players to be true to their beliefs, have remained largely free from criticism, while the black players have been demonized, insulted, and even threatened.


Which was kinda the point of the protest in the first place.


Hell, there was only one coach criticized for the actions he took on Sunday. Guess what color his skin is? Go ahead, guess.


My Facebook news feed has been saturated by self-righteous, indignant, willfully uninformed individuals, bent all to Hell and back over the blatant "disrespect" shown by these uppity coloreds who should be grateful they're being paid well to play a game and stop worrying about social injustice.


Where were y'all when the man who now sits as our President was showing disrespect to war heroes like John McCain and Humayun Khan? When he belittled the slain Khan's parents for crying on national television? When he referred to prisoners of war as "losers"?


You know damn good and well where you were cheering for that bastard because he promised to rid the world of political correctness, and such disregard for others was proof of his willingness to do so.


Now you want to put "feeling pissed off" by your Facebook post, and scream about the horrible disrespect to something you claim to hold dear.


Fuck you, snowflakes. You don't want to get splattered when someone uses your safe space as a urinal, consider the effect when you piss in theirs.


September 16, 2017



"Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he's fired, he's fired".


And later:


" see those people taking the knee...when they are playing our great national anthem. [Crowd booing] If you see that leave the stadium".


First of all, it's "sonsa bitches", not "that son of a bitch". Dude cusses like the scared punkass he is.


Second, a pair of NFL tickets costs about $450, and parking is another 25 bucks. This champion of fiscal conservatism and efficiency thinks it's a good idea for working families to spend the cash on this particular indulgence, then split before kick-off.


Third, who is this asshole to lecture anyone on "respect"?


Fourth, regarding Colin Kaepernick: he's a shitty quarterback, yeah. He runs high, has no passing touch, and can't count down more than two options without tucking the ball. And it's tough to have a running quarterback without a complementary offensive line, so his back-up value is further limited.


Still a better choice for any team, in any capacity, than Tim Tebow, who kept getting jobs in the NFL despite having beer-league skills.


Fifth, Tommy Smith and John Carlos for the win, motherfucker.


September 23, 2017







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