It Begins...

Since some of you seem positively orgiastic about the removal of "political correctness" and feigned civility from public discourse, you should be happy as a tick in a hemophiliac ward to know I think you're an ignorant, inbred, ratfucking, cross-humping, knuckle-dragging, clueless, bloodless, brainless, spineless, twat-lipped, skunk-stank, ass-licking, boot-kissing, rag pecker, dry heave, piss stained, pig-shit, toilet water slurping, gerbil stuffing, dirt-eating, lying, no-reacharound giving, wormy, open-sore lot lizard, scum sucking, monkey-nuts fondling, thumb-in-the-bung, pus-filled, dick-faced cunt.


But, hey, those are just "words", right? No hard feelings. Let's hold hands and sing "Kum-Bah-Ya".

Having fun now? Because we've got at least four more years of this shit, Sparky.


The "unfriend" button is at the top right, in the cover photo. Be my guest, as I'm sure you're naturally inclined to be that kind of chickenshit.


This moment of unfiltered id is brought to you by the ineptitude of the DNC.


November 9, 2016


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