This is Keith.

Today is his birthday. Say "Happy Birthday, Keith".


Keith plays guitar. He plays like Chuck Berry, had Chuck ever picked up the nasty habit of huffing goofballs made of China Brown, Peruvian Flake, and rat poison, while mainlining Tabasco Sauce into his eyeballs. 

This song is called "Gimme Shelter". It features Keith and his buddy, Charlie, who plays drums. Here, with their buddies Mick, Bill, and Mick (a different Mick, also playing guitar, but not as fey and self-obsessed as the first one, who sings), and the epochal assistance of a nice lady named Merry Clayton, they, in one song, singularly define Rock and Roll.


This is a live version of the song. Some consider it the best version ever. It IS pretty good. But it's not as declarative as the studio version. 

The studio version is on an album called "Let It Bleed". It is the greatest Rock and Roll album of all time. Period. I suggest you go and find a copy, and put it on. Turn off all the lights, grab a bottle of brown liquor, preferably named after a fine southern gentleman, hunker down with the one you love, rut like a fevered weasel, and stare down the apocalypse like a man.






Brent Sanders

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