To Steve Schmidt on This, the Day of His Butthurt...

This guy...


First, he pushes Sarah Palin into the political gene pool, polluting the water to the point a third-rate reality show host can float to the surface and be taken seriously by the yay-hoos watching on the side.


Then he parlays that into a cushy gig as a talking head on MSNBC, making witty jokes about Donald Trump's candidacy, and getting progressively twitchier as he realizes just what the hell he's done.


So, now, every day, we can watch this guy work up a full-on, fevered wail from his self-righteous indignation, and proclaim Republicans are somehow different now than they were a decade or three ago.


They're not. It's been the party of latent bigotry, selfishness, sanctimony, fear and spite for the past half-century.


And, now, when the party of "got mine, sucks to be you" decides to show its true face, this motherfucker decides to yell "no mas"?


Thanks, but no thanks, Rick. You're not going to be an ally just because you changed that letter behind your name. Your ideas, your values, your core philosophy, none of those have changed.


You haven't found common decency, not had some "Paul on the road to Damascus" moment. You're still the same supply-side apologist, a barking asshole spouting out that sleepy country club Republican rhetoric.


You're just finding out when happens when the corrosive nature of conservatism, the residue that that you engendered, hits the foundation. When it rots out the floor under you, rather than the one under those nameless "demographics" you exploited for all these years.


No idea who you voted for in 2016, but this administration is not an aberration of the Republican party you love. It's the culmination of the way they've done business for fifty years. And you are as much to blame as anyone not named "Clinton" or "Putin".


Besides, the Dems already have plenty of stealth Republicans in their midst.



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